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DateFriday, October 13, 2017
Start TimeTBD
End DateSunday, October 15, 2017
End TimeTBD
Calendar GroupTroop792
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Sunset Beach sites 3 & 4 reserved for October 13-15, 2017. Reservation numbers 2-35612321 & 2-35612322.

Camping checklist here

Vehicles 1-4: Do not pay the vehicle entrance fee; they are covered with the site fees.

Vehicle 1 (Site 3)

  • Cody, dad
  • Lucas (SPL for campout), dad
  • (two spaces remaining)

Vehicle 2 (Site 4)

  • Andrew, dad (collecting for campsite fees)
  • Thomas. dad?
  • Nicholas

Vehicle 3

  • Braeden, mom
  • (patrol box)

Vehicle 4

  • Dominic H (cook), brother, mom (collecting for food)
  • Dawson (Sunday)
  • Ben (Sunday)

Vehicle 5a (Friday night)

  • Colby A., dad (leaving Sat.)

Vehicle 5b (Saturday night)

  • Nathan, dad (arriving Saturday before lunch)


  • 8.00 for campsites (pay to Troop)
  • 20.00 for food (Pay to Dominic)

Plan your own dinners Friday night. Cooks may (possibly) plan a Dutch oven dessert from Friday night. Group meals are three Saturday plus Sunday breakfast.

bringing Dutch ovens:

  • Nicholas
  • Lucas
  • Dawson
  • Colby

Notes to help the Cook:

  • Asst. Cooks for Sat. dinner: Dawson, Lucas, Andrew, Ben
  • Remember two bags charcoal (to cook in Dutch ovens)
  • Sat. breakfast: egg sandwiches with cheese, grapes
  • Sat. lunch: PBJ sandwiches, cheese sticks (snack)
  • Sat. dinner: Dutch-oven-cooked hamburger with cheese, bell peppers, onions, & biscuit atop
  • Sat. dessert: smores
  • Sun. breakfast: oat meal with pecans, blueberries, hot chocolate
  • Cook link here

Cooks: Work together and come up with one menu and one patrol box. Assign your rosters so you have all Scouts assisting.


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