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DateTuesday, January 16, 2018
Start Time06:45 PM
End DateTuesday, January 16, 2018
End Time08:00 PM
Calendar GroupTroop792
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location: Claddagh


  • optimum Feb. Court of Honor start time: 6:00
  • announced December donation, kept donor private
  • Chris will buy (for the Troop) two REI backpacking tents for $119 (with tax) or less when on sale, two white-gas backpacking stoves, and two water Katadyn filters
  • The last meeting of the month will offer both Boards of Review and also be the night when the PLC plans the next month. For example, the first meeting might be instruction, and the second would be demonstration and competition.
  • Hiking MB will be offered as a 3-month program if there is interest (taken at Troop mtg.)
  • After the semi-annual Planning meeting, discuss in detail at next Troop mtg.
  • Hi-Sierra medical form commitment dates - will request from each confirmed Scout

Follow-up (to-do) items

  • Matt will make binders for Boards of Review
  • JTE patches only given at Court of Honor
  • Steve will make a caller script (or bullet points)
  • Matt and Chris will look into containers and gravel for storage of Troop supplies
  • Steve will look into for advancement


  • Alan
  • Chris
  • Steve
  • Matt
  • Arlen
  • Herb
  • Gary
  • Lawrence


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