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Tuesday, February 13, 2018 from 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM: Troop meeting


  • Location: San Martin Lions, 12415 Murphy Ave (right near airport), San Martin, Ca
  • uniform: Class A
  • highlight:

calling (to remind about Troop meeting):

  • Scorpions: Winston
  • Ravens: Dawson, Bryce, and Logan
  • Bucks: Jaden


  • 6:10 Green Bar (SPL, ASPL, PLs, TGs) arrive, prep meeting
  • 6:20 Gathering
  • 6:30 meeting begins (Pledge, Oath, Law, patrol yells)
  • bulletins (SPL)
  • concurrent BOR:
  • instructions
  • Activities
  • patrol meetings
    • new to positions (presented by SPL)
      • PL: Bryce, Ayden R.
      • ASPL: Anthony
      • APL: Jeremiah, Logan, Nicholas
  • awards
    • (multiple)
  • 7:30 adjourn (SPL: ask with a show of hands if anyone needs requirements signed off; if so, ask for an ASM to volunteer.) then ask about the meetings listed just below:
  • (ask PLC members, including Webmasters, to raise their hands. then ask those five if they're going to a MB meeting - see below - to attend PLC in their place.)
  • (Outdoor Code)
  • requirements sign-off


  • The new PLC planned the rest of 2018. Laguna Seca is in May. The beach will be in September.

Troop Cup

starting new



  • Make sure when planning a Troop meeting activity that there is a leader committed to carrying it out and a list of Troop equipment (if needed, such as lashing poles).
  • Plan next meeting(s) Troop meeting - sheet(s) attached.
  • Review (discuss) this meeting - What went well? What didn't? If something didn't go well, discuss why and if there is a way to improve.


Patrol meetings

  • add to ideas for next planning mtg.:
    • Grant Ranch (JDG County Park)

New Event

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