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Torn United States flag
Do you have an old flag that is starting to get torn and tattered? Have you been trying to find a respectful way to dispose of it? Well, Boy Scout Troop 792 can help. During scout camp fires, we sometimes perform a flag retirement ceremony.

There are a few ways to perform the flag retirement ceremony, but we prefer the following:

  • A large campfire is started. The campfire isn't specifically for the ceremony, but it's an important part of it none the less
  • Someone, usually an adult leader or the owner of the flag to be retired, brings out the flag
  • He or she explains the ceremony, and tells the story of the flag
  • A pair of scouts respectfully fold the flag one last time, if it wasn't pre-folded
  • The scouts and all attending stand and salute
  • An adult leader places the flag on the campfire
  • A moment of silence is maintained until the flag is completely consumed

If you have a flag you would like to be retired in this way, please let us know by filling in the form below.

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